Pressing process

HERCULES – vertical press

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Max 60Kg/sq. cm

Vertical press designed to apply a maximum pressure of 60 kg/sq. cm on the product. All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The hydraulic system is filled with non-toxic, colourless, odourless and tasteless oil, suitable for accidental contact with foodstuffs.
The pressure value, the descent speed of the pressing plate and the stand-by times during the pressing process are managed by a programmable PLC located on a console onboard the machine.

  • Programmable pressure, pressing plate descent speed and stand-by time;
  • programmable constant pressure up to a max of 60 Atm;
  • possibility of enabling the “product breathing” stage at the end of each pressure step;
  • Pressure is applied through the descent of an AISI 304 steel plate;
  • The press supports a removable product holding basket for the loading and unloading operations;
  • This basket consists of a sturdy AISI 304 stainless steel cage featuring a cylinder made of vertical bars and a convex bottom that serves as a conveying container.