Screw Type Elevator Conveyor

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Screw-type elevator/conveyor with reinforcement frame made from 50x50mm stainless steel tubing, customized according to customer requirements. 2 mm-thick stainless steel sheet and 5 mm-thick stainless steel headboards

  • Complete with appropriate safety protection.
  • Screw with central shaft
  • Top brand motor and reduction gear
  • Motor power: adequate
  • External finish: 2B

Elevator Conveyor Belt

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Elevator/Conveyor belt custom-designed and custom built from a superior shaped structure. It is made from Aisi 304 stainless steel sheet with side slits allowing for internal washing between the belts.
The inner side of the belt rests on a shaped surface, making it easier for it to move along. The drive roller is covered in rubber allowing for better traction on the belt. An easy-to-wash tray is positioned below the structure to collect the liquid produced. Scrapers clean the inside of the belt. Top brand drive unit.

  • Motor power: adequate for purpose;
  • External finish: 2B.


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Vibrating or pvc belt sorting table for the selection of whole or destemmed grapes. Entirely built in Aisi 304 stainless steel, it is equipped with a drainage grid to drain away any must.

  • Support frame made from 4 mm thick stainless steel sheet and 40x80x2 mm stainless steel tubing;
  • Two 0.37 kW vibrators with the possibility to alter the table’s vibration;
  • Assembled on wheels, making it easier to move around.