Polaris – Low-pressure heatable self-discharging macerator

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Working at 40°C

Low-pressure heatable self-discharging macerator built entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 available on request), equipped with a shell featuring an insulated coil pocket designed to convey the heating fluid which facilitates the diffusion processes. After heated maceration, cold fluid is circulated through the coil to recover the steam condensate formed on the inner walls.
The front shield is hinged and can be opened for easy cleaning of inner surfaces. A special mixing system accelerates and improves the diffusion processes between solid and liquid substances, reducing the extraction time by half. Depending on requirements, the macerator is designed to accommodate a draining cage that rotates coaxially with the tank, keeping the solid portion always submerged.

  • During the discharge stage, the liquid is filtered and the solid portion is then easily expelled;
  • The entire process can be programmed;
  • The macerator shell can be equipped, on request, with an ultrasound source (optional) to facilitate maceration.

OMEGA – Heatable self-discharging horizontal macerator

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Working at 100°C

Heatable self-discharging horizontal macerator designed to heat contents to 100°C thanks to two interior electrical heating elements. The high-performance shell insulation minimizes heat loss. The solid and liquid products are loaded through a hatch at the top. The automatic rotation of the cylindrical tank around its axis enables the interior scroll to mix the contents, speeding up the diffusion processes between the solid and liquid portions.
When the maceration process is completed, the liquid content is drained off through a ball valve while the solid matter is discharged automatically by making the tank rotate with the hatch open.

  • The air valve keeps the interior pressure within safe limits.
  • The entire processing cycle is programmable.